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Android - To close the Game App
  • Hi

     I know that this has been covered before here but I just wanted to state that when exiting any app on Android it is mostly done by the back button not the home key. If you press the home key on Android it simply hides the game and does not reset it. I have found in testing my game that it is the only app that shows in the task manager when pressing the home key whereas those programs that close with the back button may still "run in the background" but they are not showing on the task manager as an active program,

    Please can this be added to the next release as I would prefer that when and if I release a game on Android , the user can simply press the back button to close it down instead of it hanging around as it currently does.


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  • @TimCS yes we can add an option to the publish settings to prevent the app from running in the background and we will also add an Exit App action.
  • Any news on the "Exit App action"?
  • @Lucian yes the next pre-release build of v9.9 that is pending release will have this.
  • @TimCS this is in the mobile app settings now.

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