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How to Debug in GBS?
  • Hi, I need to be able to track the values in my variables to see if I'm setting up the components correctly. I have downloaded the flash debug version. How do I set up GBS to debug my apps?
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  • Hi Nacv2000

      The only method of debugging I am aware of ,which I learned from Lavon, is to go into publish and stay on the project option on the left, then scroll to the end of the options and change the build type from production to debug. Then when you run your project, open the console which you can do either by pressing ~ or click on the project->Open Console menu. 

    in the console window you can issue various commands and to list these type in help and enter. 

    Hope this helps
  • if you want to display a certain property, use the text entity and constrain a property to the text field.
  • Thanks guys this helps a lot.

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