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Installing GBS
  • Sadly my hard drive failed loosing all of my work and GBS :( .

    I have gone to re-install GBS using the pre-candidate release but after entering my license code on running GBS I get this message:

    ERROR - License Error - [ID] = 107 | [Message] = License Is Installed On To Many Systems!

    As this is the only machine with GBS installed I am not sure why this message has come up

    Please advise

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  • @TimCS GBs now only allows you to install the software on one Mac and one Windows machine. So if you are switching machines we have to clear your old machine to install on a new machine. Currently this is a manual process but soon you will be able to just change this from your GameBuilder dashboard. Check the app again your license should be cleared.
  • @Lavon

      There is no other machine with GBS installed this is the only machine that had it installed before the hard drive failed and I had to install a new hard drive etc.. However what I have done is not install the pre-release candidate and instead installed the other version which worked so there must have been an issue in that version.

     I have however been on again to the dashboard this morning and the pre release is no longer there and there is a new build 0.9.9 758 now. Sadly however all of my hard work in GBS went with the failed hard drive :( so it will now take me some time to rebuild all that I did. Lesson learned back up more frequently :)

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