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APK size to Installed Size on Android
  • @Lavon

      From a previous post that I had placed, I am still concerned over the size of the published game that I have done so far. At this stage I have four images within my project, the largest image size s 40kb and the smallest is 5kb. I know that the adobe Air engine has to be included in each game which I understand is around 10 to 15mb , however when I install my game (with only one level at this stage and these four images) and look at the size in application manager it shows 50mb !!!.

     Comparing this to a game that has multiple levels and more graphics (angry birds) this only takes up 19mb. I know that this game would have been developed probably via the Android SDK so it is far more native but I know from experience having numerous android devices, that 50mb is a lot of storage and considering that I have not even gotten any were near the complex factors of such a game, I will see my game heading over 100mb. As this game I am trying to make will be quite simple I do not think users will want to download a game that is so basic in its game play if it is going to take up so much space.

     Do you have any recommendations on how to make a game smaller in size.?


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  • Further to my above post, I have created a second level with sound and graphics and so far the size seems to hang around the 50mb size. If when my game/project grows with more levels etc and the size does not increase much more then this will be fine, my concern is that the size of the game becomes unmanageable. 
  • @TimCS the size of the game is not accurately reflected currently. One of the remaining features is External Resources which will allow you to manage which resources in your project are embedded in the final package and which assets are loaded from the file system. Also it will allow you to externally host resource bundles that will get downloaded onto the users' device as needed when a level is loaded. Which will reduce the initial install size of the app. This is coming in the next release (v1.0). 

    GameBuilder Studio will also be smarter about how it is including assets in the final package which should reduce file size. You can not get around the Adobe AIR runtime size when packaging it with your project unless you package your came without the captive runtime. But this will require the end-user to have the correct (latest) Adobe AIR runtime already installed on their device which could be a bad user experience if they don't already. So captive runtime builds are the way to go even though you have to sacrifice a little in final file size.

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