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  • 1) I have a Samsung S4 with debugging mode on, connected to usb cable and it shows up in computer portable devices, however doesn't show up in GBS publishing.

    2) My scrolling background doesn't loop perfectly, display a white gap before rerunning the same pic?

    3) Can someone explain how to set a certain time before an image is displayed? 

    Did anyone successfully published a game on this software, please respond? 
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  • Hello @carlito i can answer some of your questions.

    2)The image need to be Power of 2 to work correctly like 64x64.

    3) Just do as Lavon does in the Hungry Hero tutorial but instead of animate your sprite from left to right animate the alpha on the sprite from 0 to 1.

  • @carlito 

    1. Do you have the latest ITunes installed? This is required to see your device in GBs.

    2. Yes your scrolling background needs to be a power of 2 size image.

    3. Ditto what @Isak said.

    We have some first party games we are working on to showcase GameBuilder Studio. Stay tuned.

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