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Collision inside a collision box
  • Hello,

    I have two sensing spatials acting as a narrow field of view which are attached to an antagonist sprite. The player's sprite fires a projectile at this antagonist sprite and the projectile spawns within one of the two sensor spatials belonging to the antagonist. Depending on what sensor the projectile is in, the antagonist should act accordingly, like an evasive maneuver. 

    However, I can't seem to trigger a response from the sensors. Is this because the projectile spawns within the sensors? Is there a better way to do this?
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  • The collision boxes keep changing sizes and will also not even stay with the sprite when the sprite is moved. There are too many bugs like this to continue with this software. I'm really sorry to say.
  • No comment on self-resizing collision boxes?
  • @Graham help me to understand what you are trying to accomplish. You are spawning a new entity inside of the region of a sensor? You want to capture a collision event on the newly spawned entity?

    It may be a better idea to wait for v1.0. A lot of bugs were fixed.
  • @Levon

    Yes I am spawning a projectile entity from the player inside of the region of a sensor made from a collision box attached to an enemy. I can't get an event to trigger.

    Another problem I'm having while doing this is having multiple collision boxes move with the enemy even when selecting all spatials to move in a Move trigger.

    And lastly, the collision boxes are not holding their shape, and resizing themselves randomly! I need 4 collision boxes on the enemy which trigger different events.

  • @Graham Would you mind sending in a link to your project zipped up so I can test on the latest build? Send in a support request from the main site with the link to download it.
  • @Levon No, I wouldn't mind. Ok I will send in a support request, thank you.
  • Hello, I am just wondering if there is any new information on this. Thank you!
  • Hi, @Graham i never received your project. Did you send in a support request via the link on the main site?

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