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GBS v1.0 StateMachines not working
  • Hi Lavon,

    I'm playing around with v1.0 build 865 and I like it very much. Sadly I got none of my old Games running nor can I recreate them. After some research it seems, that the transitions in the StateMachines are not working at all. Maybe some simple addressing error?

    Haven't heard from you in a while. Everything ok? I love this project, let me know if you need anything!

    Best regards
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  • @Cavaron which transition are you using?
  • The regular automatic transitions, like for transitioning automatically from game_started to game_running.

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    Edit: Property transitions don't seem to work either. Using GBS on Windows 10, if this is relevant.
  • Ahh, I know what's happened:
    So, the StateMachines are working, but the addressing from other entities seems to have changed.

    I always used #EntityName.ComponentName.stateMachine to reference a StateMachineComponent in other entities.

    Now I have to use only #EntityName.ComponentName

    My old games did work with that. Maybe my former addressing method was wrong, but earlier versions of GBS where tolerant to it?

    Anyway, now it is working! So happy :)
  • Uhm... that was to fast. After several more tests I can say that there still seems to be a problem with the StateMachines automatic transition.

    Property transitions work across entities. Automatic transitions only seem to work in the entity where the StateMachine is nested, at least at starting a level.

    Edit: So, I think I got it now, finaly! Other entities seem to "miss" the first automatic transition from a StateMachine at game start and level start. I did two automatic transitions (like: initialising - start1 - start2). StateLogicMaps in the same entity than the StateMachine react to start1, StateLogicMaps in other entities only react to start2 and later automatic transitions.

    Maybe you can implement a "one tic delay" in automatic StateMachine transitions at the start of a level?
  • @Cavaron it is not that the state machine is broken. It is working as expected. If you want your automatic transition to not start right away you can do one of two things. Do not set the default state and set it later when you feel the game is ready. Or you can use a Property Transition that checks for a value on another dependent entity before you kick off the initial transition.
  • This is interesting. I've had a problem with my project since 1.0 came out and well try this and let you know XO

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