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Outdated Information
  • I am new to GBS, and I think is a wonderful software in spite that I'm using the free version. 
    I am looking into  buying  the Pro Plan rather than the Pro version but, as I have done with all the different software I have bought, I see several  "flags"  that makes me a little hesitant to take the "plunge". For one, there are numerous questions not answered in the users board, there are very outdated posts going back to 2014 but no that  many referencing up to date information.  At the same time there many "empty" web links (for example when looking for more info on the Pro and Pro plan). Many of these have no further references. Some of the links are even not considered safe by Google
    I can see that this is in the Beta stage but, maybe I should wait a bit longer to invest in it. 
    Maybe this has been addressed before and I have not seen it, but I'm sure that someone's reply will clarify my question.      
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  • The software has loads of potential and is usable albeit some annoying ass bugs. But the support atm is pretty much non existent. In the mean time you're better off learning a free engine. I've started learning Defold, King's free 2D cross platform engine
  • I know what you mean Valero. This is a big project going on for a while and my guess is, that Lavon is occupied with other projects to finance his life. So this may have been reduced to an after hour thing, because it doesn't seem to generate much money atm.

    Still I love this project, because it brought me from modding other games to really create a new game by my own. I have great game ideas, I can do my fair share with Photoshop and I understand mathematical logic - but I suck at coding. GBS took that hurdle away and therefore I'm very, very thankful to Lavon.

    My advice would be to go for regular Pro now and update to Pro plan later on, if the situation approves. Heck, you could develop a game with the free version and go to Pro when it is ready to be released. A good released game build with GBS would help this project the most I think
    . That is definitely my plan and I think it's very possible with version 1.0 - despite its bugs.
  • Thanks andrewisalegend for pointing me to defold.
  • @Valero777 yes if you are not interested in being an early adopter then you should wait. New site and information is coming. These forums are for you guys to answer each others questions.

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