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  • How are achievements being handled currently in GBS?  How can you implement them currently if the option is available?  Google requires at least 5 achievements in order to publish the game to production.  Any guidance on how/what to do to satisfy that requirement would be greatly appreciated!

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  • What do you mean by achievements? In order to publish a game to google you must have a google developer account and pay the 25 dollar fee. 

    After that you should be able to upload your .apk.
  • I think he means how do you go about using Google Play Games for the Achievements
  • Ah.  I see what you mean.  I was mistaken about being able to publish without achievements.  For future reference though how would I implement achievements if I wanted to?
  • Oh right, you can publish without, but you need the Pro version of gbs to use Google play achievements. This will also allow your game to be published on the Google Play Games app
  • @Nathan, An Achievement is simply setting a goal in your game for the player to reach and once they reach that goal you give them some sort of reward, wether its an upgrade or just extra points. This can be accomplished in a couple ways. If you want to keep track of their achievements across devices and platforms then you need to save the achievements progress information to a server and reload it every time the game starts and the player is logged into the game. 

    This can be done manually using a server storage plugin like the Player.IO (Yahoo Games Network) plugin which allows you to save data to their server linked to a logged in player or a plugin that has built in achievements functionality like the Roar Engine plugin, or the "to be released" Game Center plugin. The Roar Engine plugin does require you to purchase a server license from Roar Engine and install their server onto AWS and host it yourself. So it is up to you on which approach you want to take. There is also a plugin for which handles achievements and leaderboards that is being considered for development.

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