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GBS v0.9.6 strange issues
  • Hi Lavon, some days ago GBS started to act erratically but it worked fine before. When I import my Spine animations and assets into the stage and run the game, the flash player apears empty and nothing happens.

    Since the application updates itself each time it is openned, is it possible that something has been updated without me noticing it that is affecting the program behaviour? 
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  • @kikubu, GBs doesn't do any self installing. It may prompt you and ask if you want to install the latest version but it doesn't automatically install anything. There was a new restriction put in place in the new release candidate v0.9.7 that restricts the import of Spine data files that are newer than v1.9.10 because the Spine runtimes have not been updated to support the latest version of their editor. We are still waiting for them to update.

    Can you explain a bit more of what error message you are seeing?
  • I've tried with another spine file, and works all right, the previous file should have been messed up. I'm doing more tests, but for now it seems like a problem on my side 

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