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Social Media API & Server Connection
  • Hi there,

    This is a very nice editor, and I'm thinking of using it for our next game. However I have a couple of questions:

    1. Can we connect to Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, QQ, Weibo, etc through their API. If yes, how can we achieve that?
    2. Can we connect to our server of choice? AWS for example. To retrieve and write data (Levels, Money, etc)
    3. I see Yahoo Game Network for Multiplayer, is the feature only for matchmaking (Like what Clash of C did matching players)? Can it factor into point (2)?

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  • @Vincent 

    1. Yes you can connect to Facebook if you know how to program in AS3. If not you will need to wait for us to release the Facebook plugin in the next couple months. Other social networks would have to be a custom implementation.
    2. You can connect to your server of choice by posting data to it using a Data component and a URL Loader action in GBs.
    3. The Multiplayer plugin has a sample match making server with source code (C#) and also supports saving data to their servers using their Big DB service. I don't understand your last question "Can it factor into point(2)?" Can you explain further what you mean?
  • @Lavon

    Thanks for getting back, I got (1) and (3). I got one more question.

    I understand now for Facebook (Either AS3 or new Plugin), how about for other social network? Also through AS3?

  • @Vincent yea for the most part if a social network has an api that you need to accessing you can connect to it by writing some AS3 code. If there is one in particular you want me to look at send me a link and I can let you know if it is doable. A lot of these social networks require you to code the auth process via js in the browser so you can use the ExternalInterface package in AS3 to call methods declared in JS from AS3 code. Thats what the Facebook plugin will do when run in an html page inside a browser. On mobile devices normally the social network will provide some sort of native code library which would then need to be wrapped in a Native extension and integrated into a plugin for GBs that gets exported when published to that target mobile platform.

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