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How to remove the boxes (collision?)
  • Hi, when i try the spawnbox demo that comes with GBS it shows lines around all the boxes in the flash player..
    Is there a way to make these boxes non-visible ?

    Cheers !!
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  • @Andreas, just go to the spatial properties select the shape in the collision shape preview window and hit the delete key. Here is a video on spatials and renderers as well:

  • Thanks, but that doesn't delete the collision area for the box ?
    I want the box to have the collision area but the problem is when i press play i see the lines of the box in the flash player..
  • @Andreas, we will add a delete icon to that window in a future update :)
  • @Andreas When you select the shape does it highlight red? Do you want to remove collisions all together or just remove the collision shape and replace with another shape?

    If you want to remove collisions on an object completely then add a basic spatial and remove the collision spatial.
  • Lavon, i don't think i follow you… So it isn't possible to play the game in the flashplayer without seeing the outline of your asset ?

    You see the crates all have the lines around them..
  • @Andreas, oh I'm sorry your asking how to hide the debug outline when running the game from the editor? Currently that is the default setting when testing the game. When you publish the game it is removed in the production build of your game.

    What we can do is integrate the collision shape toggle that is in the editor to the game preview when you run it. That would be no problem.
  • Yes, the debug outline =) 
    Sorry for expressing me wrong !!
    I'll buy this great product today !!

    Cheers !!
  • I am now a pro member =)
    Great to be here and part of this community that we hope will grow !!
  • @Andreas awesome! It is growing. Anything good takes time...
  • @Lavon I test my game in free version, then I publish my test game to web platform but the debug outlines does not removed in the production build.

    When I install the Pro Version I did not remove the free version of GameBuilder Studio. My OS Windows 8.1 Professional

    I'd buy the Pro Version but the problem remains the same.

    How to hide the debug outlines and fps counter?
  • @Vadim, the debug shape layer is now tied to the visibility toggle button on the right side toolbar. Turn off the debug layer in the editor and it will be turned off in the final production build. This was introduced in the most recent update.

    In the next update will force the debug layer to always be hidden for production builds.
  • @Lavon Yes it's work perfect thanks

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