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Sound mp3 import problem
  • I have a problem with importing sound. I split an mp3 file in 10 parts of 20 s. Then i add all 10 files in resources folder of my project. Now i cant open this project anymore. If i remove the files from resources the console say this:
    (LoadProjectCommand - Import Resources - Error - A resource with file name [clanbash9.mp3] can not be found! Has it been removed from the file system?)
    When i put back say this: (ResourceManager - Unload - The resource from file clanbash7.mp3 of type [class MP3Resource] is not loaded.)
    And then i cant open my project? 

    Any help?

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  • @Xman This sounds strange, you are basically just adding 10 new files to your project right?

    You may have already done this but I would try:

    In your project file, put all the 10 mp3 files into your Assets folder, not your resources folder.
    Then in the GBs editor, you click on the Assets tab on the top right, click the small folder icon to add assets and select the files from your projects Assets folder. Then save the project. That should get them into your Resources folder automatically.
  • @BenFromOregon yes i already do that. I put files in asset folder and in a resources folder. The result is the same. I can't open the project. It sounds really strange.

    Error: Error #2030: End of file was encountered.

    at flash.utils::ByteArray/readMultiByte()

    at MP3Parser/getFirstHeaderPosition()

    at MP3Parser/loaderCompleteHandler()

  • Anybody have the same problem? Lavon when you have time check this please. 
  • @Xman please send in your project zipped up so we can debug. Use the contact page on the main site. Also what version of GBs are you using?
  • Ok i sent you all informations on a mail.
  • @Xman this may be fixed in the newest build.

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