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Top/bottom position (layer wise) of entities to each other
  • Is there a flexible way to regulate the position of entities regarding foreground/background? Like in the picture below - let's say we have two lanes and entities move besides each other. In a left turn the entity on the right lane should be in the foreground, but on a right turn it should be the other way around. Or think about speed, and one entity is faster than the other one. At some point it would have to go from background to foreground:
    Is there a way to do that? And what about the foreground/background position inside of an entity with multiple renderers? How to set that?
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  • @Cavaron if the entities are on the same scene layer change the zIndex to change the layering order on the renderer. If you want to control the rendering order of a renderer on the same entity with the same zIndex then change the renderOrder property on the renderer.
  • Many thx as always!

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