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How to simulate a wind blowing effect?
  • We need to make wind for our game, not the graphic, but the true physical effect, something like gravity on the x axis, that you can turn on/off and affect various entities.

    What would be the best way to do it?
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  • @kikubu, I would think gravity on the x axis, if you search around the forums I remember seeing something about changing the gravity levels during the game. 

    Or you could look at the linear velocity on the x axis, and give the illusion that the object is in the wind.
  • @kikubu yes you can change the gravity globally for all objects along the X axis by changing the values on the spatial's manager:


    which is a point object. Or you can just apply an impulse to an individual spatial when it enters certain regions of the screen to push it in different directions. So you can put large sensor object in different areas and when your object enters that region a collision will trigger and you can apply an impulse to the object.

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