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How to chain spine animations.
  • I was trying to chain Spine animations but get very weird results.
    I trigger the first animation on a Spine entity on mouse down and then use the trigger spine animation when animation ends, but when I run the game, the spine object goes crazy and everything else  stops. How should I proceed?

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  • @kikubu it sounds like you are running into a runtime error. Did you run it in debug mode and open the console by hitting the "~" key to see the error message?

    Check your property references to make sure it is pointing to the right objects. 

    To string animations together don't add a default animation. Just trigger animation calls in sequence. You can pass a delay amount to have the second animation that is triggered to start before the previous one ends or have it wait after it ends. All animations added to an animation track are executed in order of execution on a virtual timeline. So you don't have to wait until the first one ends to call the second one. Also make sure to define animation transitions as an animation mix on the Spine renderer. There is documentation on all of this in our tutorials section.

    Keep in mind you can completely clear an animation track of all queued animations as well before triggering new animations if you want to switch animations abruptly.
  • Thanks, Sorry for bothering, I'll read the documentation again!!
  • @kikubu no bother at all. If you still can't get it to work let me know I can take a deeper look at it.

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