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Multi-Resolution Questions
  • I've got a 16:9 (1920x1080) game that I was working on. It scaled down dynamically by changing the scale of all graphics by dividing width by 1920 and height by 1080 (since all graphics where made for that). I want to change the game to use the fullscreen multi-resolutions with different size sprites.  I'm looking at having x1,x2,x3,x4,and x5.  What screen size do I develop for?  What about movement (currently I set all x,y movements to the corresponding x,y movements * scale, if that makes sense).  How do I handle movement?  Do I just program for the smallest base and then the engine will scale?  I'm a little confused.
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  • @dvdking if 1920 x 1080 is the largest resolution at 5x then divide the max dimensions by 5. Which would give you a base screen size of 384 x 216. That would allow GBs to auto scale your game up to the following resolutions (if included)

    1.5x = 576 x 324
    2x = 768 x 432
    3x = 1152 x 648
    4x = 1536 x 864
    5x = 1920 x 1080

    and any resolutions in between that. If you use the easiest "No Edge" multi-resolution setting, everything will be scaled up for you by GBs and your stage size remains the same. So your coordinate system will always be 384 x 216. You don't need to multiply object positions by scale. 

    If you choose the "Fill Screen" option the stage size can change so you would just need to dynamically change the positions of objects based on the edges of the screen using Game.Screen.* properties to determine the size at runtime.
  • Hey i have problem with Spawn object and multi resolution scaling no edge. When i deploy on the device (iphone 6)  with the option ( retina display) all spawn object, which are spawn on game screen width go crazy! 
    How you already know i'm a mac user, and i used the latest version.

    Where is my fault? :)
  • @Xman zip up your project folder and send in a dropbox link via our contact page and we can take a look at it to debug the issue.
  • Ok i send you in a dropbox link.
  • Find anything about this problem?
  • @Xman this should be fixed in the new build that is pending release.
  • Any fix in the latest build @Lavon ? I already try the latest build v 0.9.8-600 MacOs. I notice the same problem when i select deploy with options with no edge and retina display.
  • @Xman are you Taras? Is your project called Fish Jam? Do the spawned objects only show an error on the iPhone 6 device or also when you run from the editor?
  • @Lavon yes i'm Taras and Fish Jam is my project.The errors it seems to only show on a device but just if i check a retina display! If i run in the editor it's work. If i manually enlarge the flash windows of editor all the errors show like on a device. The same problems in retina resolution are with sprites (this just on a device). Sprites start to blinking. I tried to multiple devices (Iphone 5s, Iphone 6, Asus tablet me301t) 
  • @Xman i don't see any error when spawning after resizing the player window. You are talking about the pillars correct? I did notice however that a couple images in your project do not have all the resolutions required attached to them. You can tell by the little warning icon next to the image asset in the assets panel. This can cause issues if your game tries to scale and looks for an included resolution and can't find the image at that scale.
  • @Lavon yes all the pillars are not in order when i enlarge the flash window. The resolutions for all the images used in a project are in 3 dimensions. May i need in all 5 resolutions all the images?
  • @Xman if you open the publish window and tell GBs to include 4 different resolutions and you don't include those resolutions on all images it won't work. Only select the resolutions that you have for all your images in your project.

    I didn't notice any renders blinking or going crazy. If your objects are just not being spawned in order it may be a calculation issue. What is the expected behavior or position of the pillars?
  • @Lavon i understand that if i have 5 resolution i must include in Gbs all 5 images. That is ok. The problem is just if i publish in retina resolution on a device. Yes the pillars are the problem because they are not spawned all from the edge of the screen. If i set to deploy in a standard resolution its all work correctly but its not on full screen. Maybe its just a calculation issue i will recheck to find a solution. But if you can try to deploy on iphone 6.
  • @Xman ok if that is the case then maybe the resolution being reported is incorrect on iPhone 6. As I type this I do recall there being an issue with the current compiler regarding iPhone 6 screen resolution. Can you print out the value of the properties you are using to calculate the screen width to determine the pillars initial position? 

    This may be the issue which I think has been resolved in the new Adobe AIR compiler (v16.0)
  • Hey @Lavon. You're right about adobe air. I don't know how but i had installed on my mac version 4.0. Now i install version 16 and its ok. What about the position of pillars it was my mistake. (it was just a calculation issue like you said). For now i resolve my problems and thank you for your patience :)

    I noticed one another bug i think. Its about touch screen. Once deployed on a device if i use one single finger touch all work perfect. But if i touch on a device with the same settings of my project with rapidly tap of two finger then the touch controls stop working. So on a device i must restart the app.
  • @Xman yes the touch issue is being looked at now. Should be a new build coming out soon. 

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