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How to save game progress locally?
  • Hi Lavon, if this is answered somewhere else or is in the tutorials, could you please point me where, because I haven't found it.
    I just want to know how to save my progress in the game, just per level. I would like to save locally the information of wich stages I've already passed.
    Thank you
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  • @kikubu currently you can save small amounts of information locally on the host device using a Local Storage action or you will need a plugin like the Player.IO server plugin to store information to a remote data storage. You can also send property data from a DataContainer component to a personal server of your own using the new URL Loader action.
  • Yeah, we've been trying with the Storage action but don't really know how to proceed for a game save progress logic, could you give a hint on the procedure?
  • @kikubu what kind of information are you trying to save? a couple properties on a Data component or the entire state of the level?
  • Just the level, not even it's state, just the number of the lefel to check if a certain level has been completed. Like in "cut the rope" and those kind of games. We want to put a check mark on the levels you have passed so only the level's name and a completion variable turned to true when certain action happens, I guess just two properties or variables need to be stored. We don't want to use remote data storage for these kind of simple data if that's possible
  • Or is there any other procedure to save games that anybody knows of?
  • @kikubu yes this is very easy to do using the Local Storage action. Set the mode to "STORE". Just set a generic name for the folder or location you want to save the property under on the device, then specify a name for the property to store the value under and pass a value by pointing to a property on another component or putting the value in directly.

    When you want to reload the property the next time the level is loaded then create another Local Storage action and set the mode to "LOAD" and use the same location name and property name and point to a property you want the stored value to be loaded to.

    Make sure to put quotes around any string values that you enter directly in an expression field. If you are pointing to a string property on another component then the quotes are not needed.
  • Thanks, will try it!

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