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Showing grids in a game
  • Hello,

    I am new to Game builder and I had a few questions about grids.  First I want to say that I have been impressed with the software and how active the Devs are on the forums, that kind of interactive approach got me to buy the Pro version.  

    I am new to game development and have little programming so far, I tried to look for the answers elsewhere but could not find them.  I am designing a tower defense game where the player will choose where to put the treasure (what they are defending) anywhere on the map.  After it is placed they get to build their own road that connects to one of the 4 exits, this is the road that the enemies will travel down.  

    The questions are is there an easy way to display a grid in the game? and is there a way to make the grid clickable?  What I would like to have happen is when a player selects a troop to place the grid shows up to make it easier for them to see where a troop can be placed.  The same idea would work for the treasure and road.  I am hopping to make the game for at least the Android market so the squares of the grid would need to be clickable as well.
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  • @Grimdin thanks for upgrading and supporting the tool! Yes there is an isometric grid renderer already made in the engine it just hasn't been exposed through the editor yet. It will be in the next release. I can also show you how to make it clickable when it is released.
  • Thanks Lavon for the response, that is very good news. Silly question here but I am assuming that one would need to make the game in the isometric 2.5 layout? I would love to be shown how to do that, thank you for the offer.
  • @Grimdin oh i'm sorry I thought you were talking about isometric grids. You want a 2D grid? That is doable as well.
  • I had not considered the game in 2.5 layout, however it does have some merits. While all of the design work is done for the game, I am still trying to figure the best options to make game come alive so I am not sold on any one way to do something. It is part of the reason for writing this post, I know what I want the game to do now just seeing to to get there.

    The isometric grids would give the game a more top down view which might be better to track and place troops, so that might be a better option for what I am trying to do. I think I will play around a bit when I get home.
  • After looking at the options I think the 2D option is going to be the best one for what I would like to do. With that said if anyone has a good idea on the best way to make a grid both of a player to see and to align the path that is placed down, I would love some advice.

    The game calls for the player to see a grid when placing troops and when building their path, to make it easier for them to place said objects. What I need is the ability to see a grid int he game, but also to conform the path to the grid and snap the path entity into line with a grid. Right now I can click on a space and it will display my test path 50 X 50 entity, but they are not even or uniformed.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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