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unable to create an entity with a Template
  • I'm not sure if this is the best place to be documenting the bugs that I am running into. I really want to help out as much as possible with issues and bugs to make this software the best it can be.  

    After creating a template of an entity. When I go to create a new entity with that template, it says Entity names have to be unique. No matter what I change the name to it never lets me create it.

    Using the latest build on Mac OSX 10.9.3

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  • @Searlesama yes post any issues and bugs you find here so we can address them. The template functionality is being deprecated. This was originally intended for users that use the underlying game engine. Cloned objects are now used in place of a template. If you want to have an object be the bases for other objects create an entity add whatever functionality to it then clone it. All clones will pick up the changes from the source object. There is a video covering the concept here:

  • awesome, thank you!

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