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What's New In v0.6.2
  • The main additions in this build are the Time Scale toggle, Time Shift action, Pause / UnPause game action, List Data component (Arrays), List Control component, List action, and the filename on assets in the assets window. You can review the entire change log below if you are interested.



    • Added List Data Component
    • Added List Controller Component
    • Added List Action
    • Added Pause Game Action
    • Added UnPause Game Action
    • Added Else/Otherwise Actions to Rules Component
    • Added Ability to turn off Time Scale per Entity (Allows you to interact with entities while game is paused. Could be used for pause screens.)
    • Added Time Shift Action
    • Added Filename to assets window
    • Added Cache frames toggle to sprite sheet properties panel
    • Added Properties windows for states and state transitions on a state machine
    • Added Pre-made button entity to quick object tool bar
    • Added Example projects to application menu bar for easy launching
    • Added Start screen to application menu
    • Created Spine AS3 runtime in preparation for 2D skeletal animation plugin
    • Changed Add Component dialog window
    • Changed PackedSheetDivider to TexturePackerDivider

    Most Notable Bug Fixes

    • Fixed Inaccurate values in Rules Component conditions
    • Fixed Releasing of sprite sheet cache data
    • Fixed Changing of project width & height after initial project setup
    • Fixed Updating of condition data when switching condition types on Rules Component
    • Fixed Updating of Shape Renderer preview when changing properties
    • Fixed Opening of multiple action properties windows at the same time
    • Optimized Rendering of GPU Scene View
    • Increased the size of the text in the status bar
    • Improved text input of decimals and negative numbers

    Known Issue(s) 

    • Undo / Redo only works on scene objects position change, rotation change, scale change, new object creation, delete object, clone, and level switching.
    • Expression editor does not maintain cursor position when adding properties
    • Relative property references are not being used with properties referencing same entity on actions

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