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What's New In v0.6.3
  • We have finished upgrading our servers. If you have experienced any interruption in the use of the GameBuilder Studio editor or website we apologize for the inconvenience. There is a new minor update with some critical bug fixes and a critical security update available now. You will need to install this version to continue using GameBuilder Studio. See the change log below.


    Most Notable Bug Fixes

    • Fixed license server error on application launch
    • Fixed Null error on Destroy action properties window
    • Fixed Error when changing component name in add dialog
    • Fixed Properties closing all open windows when opening sub properties window
    • Fixed Timer properties panel saving the correct interval type
    • Fixed Timer action
    • Fixed Engine PBTimer object
    • Fixed Web publishing null error
    • Fixed Reloading of project publish settings

    Known Issue(s) 

    • Undo / Redo only works on scene objects position change, rotation change, scale change, new object creation, delete object, clone, and level switching.
    • Expression editor does not maintain cursor position when adding properties
    • Relative property references are not being used with properties referencing same entity on actions

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