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Whats new v0.9.6?
  • This update is a minor release which changes the way license authentication works. So if you were not able to authenticate GameBuilder Studio because GBs was not able to communicate to our servers on your network this update is for you. Give it a try and please report your findings. There are also a few other minor fixes and additions relating to publishing. Checkout the release notes below.

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    Release Notes v0.9.6


    • Changed the license authentication communication protocol to use HTTP instead of Sockets. (Broader network compatibility)
    • Added support for iOS icon sizes 76x76, 40x40, 80x80

    Most Notable Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed Android compile error with fast compile toggled on.
    • Fixed Export/Publish error which left out required plugin dependencies when compiling a project with multiple levels for mobile devices.

    Known Issues

    • No undo/redo in Assets panel, Action properties, or Template tab
    • No undo/redo when importing external projects
    • No undo/redo when importing external projects
    • Blend Modes do not work correctly in final game.
    • You can not delete scene containers

    Whats Next?

    • Particle Engine Integration
    • Tile Map Renderer (From Tiled Editor)
    • Multi-Resolution Support
    • Isometric Grid Component & Path Finding Support
    • Facebook Plugin Integration
    • Game Center Plugin (iOS & Android)