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What's New In v0.7?

  • This release brings multi-touch device support for up to 10 touch points on a supported device, physics constraints, global properties, improved collision shape editor, and many bug fixes. The core game engine performance has been increased by 2x on mobile devices.

    Many new helper methods, device resolution, and screen size information has been exposed to the expressions engine. Web publishing is now free for everyone. Just open the publishing window, select the web platform, and select an output folder. A production build of your game will be generated which you can upload to the web. Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel because there are a number of videos on the way.

    Up next are very important features to streamline the mobile deployment process such as direct device deployment from the editor, and additional platforms support. The Blackberry 10.2 beta SDK has been released so you will see blackberry support soon.

    Multi-Touch Device Support


    A much needed update to mobile games with GameBuilder Studio is the new multi-touch support. You can listen for touch events via the Rules component and check for 1 or more touch points via an expression. A touch object will expose the x and y coordinates of the touch point and pressure (on supported platforms).

    Global Properties


    Another crucial feature is the ability to save properties across different levels. After a player completes a level you could store the score, lives, etc., change levels (similar to changing screens) and show those values in another level.

    Physics Constraints


    Physics constraints allow you to simulate things like a real world car, a rope, or a bridge. More example are on the way for this new addition.

    Improved Collision Shape Editor


    Many improvements made it into the collision shape editor. There is a new point tool for drawing collision shapes point by point. You can edit each point while drawing the shape by clicking and dragging it. Hit the BACK or DELETE key to erase the last point in draw mode. Drag selection and shift select allows you to select multiple shapes at once and move them around. If you have multiple shapes, change the properties on one and apply to all shapes with one click. To delete a shape just select it and hit the DELETE key.

    More Examples


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    Release Notes v0.7


    • Added Global Properties Tab (Saving data across levels)
    • Added Physics engine constraints (i.e. Distance Constraint, Pivot Constraint, Weld Constraint, & Mouse Constraint
    • Added Physics Impulse / Force actions
    • Added Gravitational Force action (
    • Added Performance optimizations to physics engine components
    • Added Physics gravity setting to globals tab
    • Added Over entity toggle for mouse & touch conditions
    • Added Distance and Distance of Point helpers to global expressions (i.e. distance( x1, y1, x2, y2) = X )
    • Added Percentage of number range helper methods to global expressions "percentOfRange" (i.e. percentOfRange( 1, 0, 2, true ) = .5 % ) & "valueOfRangePercent" (i.e. valueOfRangePercent( .5, 0, 2 ) = 1 )
    • Added Additional conditional comparison operators: Less Than Equals (<=), Greater Than Equals (>=)
    • Added Change Image action
    • Added Multi-Touch support for mobile devices
    • Added Multi-Touch support to rules conditions list
    • Added System de-activate, activate, and exiting events to rules condition list (Can be used on mobile devices to detect any interruption)
    • Added Word wrap to text renderer to display a paragraph of text
    • Added Shortcut keys to Collision shape editor. Delete a shape (DELETE), remove last point (BACKSPACE), auto complete pen shape (ENTER)
    • Added Inches to pixels conversion helper methods to expressions inchesToPixels & mmToPixels (convert inches/mm to pixels based on screen resolution)
    • Added Full screen size properties to expressions (Game.Screen.fullScreenWidth, Game.Screen.fullScreenHeight)
    • Added Screen resolution properties to expressions (Game.Screen.screenResolutionX, Game.Screen.screenResolutionY)
    • Added Screen orientation property to expressions (Game.Screen.screenOrientation = "right-sideup | right-hand | left-hand | upside-down", only reported on mobile devices )
    • Added Screen layout properties to expressions (Game.Screen.isLandscapeLayout, Game.Screen.isPortraitLayout )
    • Added Full screen scale property (Game.Screen.fullScreenScale used to determine what scale assets should upsized or downsized to depending on game screen size and device actual size)
    • Added Collision shape editor pen trace tool
    • Added Duplicate entity name warning. Entity names must be unique across levels. This will most likely be improved in the future.
    • Improved Core Engine performance on mobile by at least 2x-3x with AS3 language optimizations
    • Improved Collision shape editor shape selection with drag select and multi-select of shapes
    • Improved Collision shape editor multi-shape selection
    • Improved Collision shape editor scale/zoom
    • Changed Physics engine default scale to 1 and gravity Y to 600
    • Changed Physics engine to Nape v2.0.9
    • Made Web publishing a standard feature (generates a webpage and embeds the final game SWF)
    • Made Isometric 2.5D games a PRO only feature
    • Made Adobe Scout performance profiling a PRO only feature

    Most Notable Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed Captive runtime publishing for Android
    • Fixed Selection of certificate file in Android publish settings
    • Fixed Missing compiler captive runtime file for captive runtime Android builds
    • Fixed Create certificate flag on Android publish builds
    • Fixed Compile error on newly created unsaved projects
    • Fixed Isometric scene selection/interaction
    • Fixed Scene view render updating when time scale is at 0
    • Fixed Mouse down rules condition
    • Fixed Reloading projects that start on a different level than 0
    • Fixed Isometric spatial auto renderer assign logic onReset of entities.
    • Fixed Sprite sheet animation controller component frame rate accuracy
    • Fixed Sprite sheet animation editor frame rate accuracy
    • Fixed Vector SWF GPU renderer scaling of images without any loss in quality.
    • Fixed Text renderer to disable distortion when scaling container.
    • Fixed Large image display in renderer preview area
    • Fixed Scene object selection of objects on a higher scene container layer
    • Fixed Clearing of cloned object indicator when deleting multiple objects at once
    • Fixed IsometricSpatial world extents property
    • Fixed Scene selection of isometric object with basic spatial
    • Fixed Runtime switching of SWF Sprite renderer
    • Fixed Scene layer re-parenting
    • Fixed Scrolling Renderer painting on project load

    Known Issues

    • Undo / Redo only works on scene objects position change, rotation change, scale change, new object creation, delete object, clone, and level switching.
    • Expression editor does not maintain cursor position when adding properties
    • Relative property references are not being used with properties referencing same entity on actions

    Whats Next?

    • Direct to device deployment (For supported platforms)
    • Path finding support
    • Particle engine integration
    • Ouya console platform support
    • Blackberry platform support
    • Mac & Windows desktop support
    • And more...