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Many Questions - Scaling and Flash Builder
  • I have a few questions that may have already been answered else where and I obviously didn't see it or the answer was too vague to to be an answer So I'm just going to describe where I'm at and if anyone has any helpful insights, I would appreciate it TREMENDOUSLY!

    Here's where I'm at:
    I've been ruthlessly testing every setting in Game Builder as well as playing with the behind the scenes ActionScript code. I could go through my games and add new entities for scaling every other entity in the game but there has to be an easier and faster way. No matter what I have checked / unchecked in the deploy menu, the game does not do much in terms of scaling.

    For the game I'm working with: I'm building it 1920x1080 Landscape Orientation

    Testing on
    Samsung Galaxy S3 (1280x720) Works but game cut off by smaller screen resolution.
    Samsung Galaxy S4 (1920x1080) Works Great
    Samsung Galaxy S5 (1920x1080) Works Great
    Samasung Google Nexus 10 (2560x1600) Works but only takes up 1920x1080 of the space.

    So I get the same result on all of these devices with any given combination of Deploy settings.

    The next step is to open this project up in Flash Builder and play with some code! After getting the project loaded up in Flash Builder I was able to recognize and understand what alot of the code was doing so i made some changes just to see what would happen. After saving the files, I go back to Game Builder and repackage the APK for another test. Results: All the code is rewritten and then packaged back into an APK with none of the changes I put in. What am I missing. Must the project be packaged with Flash Builder after code edits have been made?

    So the questions I have are:
    1. Does anyone have any tricks up their sleeves to get scaling working? Seems to me like there has to be some sort of way to change the wrapper of the game to match the physical screen size. 
    2. Does anyone know how to edit code that Game Builder produces and have Game Builder use that code when repackaging an APK?
    3. If no one has an answer to 2 then how about using Game Builder Project code in Flash Builder to use Flash Builder to package an APK?

    I think some answers may be found within these 2 pages on scaling once I figure out how to keep changes in code without being overwritten: