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Whats New In v0.9.8 ? (Pending Release)
  • This update is a major release with a number of significant changes. Details below...

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    Release Notes v0.9.8


    • Added Multi-Resolution Scaling Support (You can import various scales through the editor or directly in the resource folder by adding subfolders with the following syntax @x[N] for each scale supported ). PRO Only
    • Added Image Compression w/ ATF GPU Texture support.
    • Added Rotation & Trimming support to sprite sheet components. There is also a new GBs exporter for TexturePacker.
    • Added Scale Nine Renderer to render scalable images with repeatable edges. Great for scalable UI Windows and controls.
    • Added Registration Point Tool.
    • Added Multiline support to text renderer with custom font sheets. Also the expanded text input.
    • Added External Asset Bundle support to underlying game engine level manager. This will be used for the external resource bundling and management feature to come.
    • Added Nested resource folder support to assets imported into GBs. Resources can now be stored in nested folders (i.e. ../resources/female/character_sheet.png).
    • Added Resource file dependencies to level files so that "Loading Complete" is only fired after all required resources have been loaded for a level.
    • Added Auto asset file deletion. When an asset is deleted its associated file on disk is deleted from the project resources folder.
    • Added Additional Accelerometer data to expressions (i.e. isSupported and isMuted boolean properties).
    • Added The ability to change a physics spatial body type using a string value at runtime. ("static", "dynamic", "kinematic").
    • Added Level file embedding in final swf by default when Publishing for WEB.
    • Added Auto zip option of all files when Publishing for WEB.
    • Added "setRectangle( x, y, width, height )" helper method to Expressions to set clipping mask area on renderers.
    • Added Sorting to Rules component conditions list.
    • Added Visibility & Lock toggling to parent scene layers.
    • Upgraded To Adobe AIR 16.0 SDK compiler.
    • Upgraded In-App Purchase, iAds, and Admob plugins to support new required iOS 64 bit OS.
    • Refactored The licensing logic to communicate over a basic TCP protocol. Should enable more users to run GBs on restricted networks.
    • Defaulting all resources to be loaded at runtime instead of embedding which reduces runtime memory consumption.

    Most Notable Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed App initialization sequence which threw a null error when launching GBs on computers with restricted networks.
    • Fixed Security warning prompts by removing the use of Encrypted local storage for app settings.
    • Fixed Arrow key selection in list (Layers, Components, Assets, etc.).
    • Fixed SWF sprite sheet cache releasing in editor when changing cached scale settings.
    • Fixed Live Reload of swf assets when symbols have been removed or added.
    • Fixed Swf preview in isometric collision spatial properties panel.
    • Fixed Debug drawing of other level collision shapes in editor.
    • Fixed Rotation offset of all renderers
    • Fixed Default assets for quick objects from being loaded on every app launch. They are loaded on demand now.
    • Fixed Corrupt project error when opening projects with publish setting file paths that are not on the current host computer.
    • Fixed Spine animation complete event throwing errors because method callback signature was out of synch.
    • Fixed Compile error when trying to build a project with no resources imported. Missing resources folder error.
    • Fixed Undo/Redo error when undoing scene layer removal of a layer nested in a scene container without any objects.
    • Fixed Error handling when loading projects with missing resource files.
    • Fixed A null error when deleting a scene layer without any objects and using undo/redo.
    • Fixed Conditional action error which prevented it from firing any nested actions.
    • Fixed In-App purchase to allow purchase to be triggered again on iOS after user cancels the purchase flow.
    • Fixed Undo/Redo of sprite sheet registration point value.

    Known Issues

    • The debug layer in final game output is mis-aligned after switching levels. Works on initial load of a level.
    • You can not use objects with the same name in a different level. Requires renaming of entities.
    • No undo/redo in Assets panel, Action properties, or Template tab.
    • No undo/redo when importing external projects.
    • No undo/redo when importing external projects.

    Whats Next?

    • x86 Android Device Support
    • Tile Map Renderer (From Tiled Editor)
    • Isometric Grid Component & Path Finding Support
    • Game Center Plugin (iOS & Android)
    • Facebook Plugin Integration