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Multiresolution scaling
  • Hello, I was wondering if i want to be able to use multiresolution scaling can i use the free version or do i need to upgrade for it? I can see when i import assets that i can import different resolution for one asset, but in the pricing tab on the website it says that multiresolution scaling isn't included in free version?

    Second can i implement it later if i first use the free version to make the game and later upgrade?

    Kind regards

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  • @Isak yes the feature is present for you to include your multi-resolution files in the free version but it will just not let you publish with multi-resolution support. So you can start with the free version and when you upgrade you can just publish with multi-resolution scaling turned on.
  • @Lavon Thanks for the answer i have been following the hungry hero tutorial and am wondering can i use an sprite sheet if i want to use multiresolution scaling? Do i only add different sprite sheets in x1, x2, x3?

    I also wonder can i simulate different resolutions or do i need actual devices for this?

    Kind regards

  • @Isak When using the Multi-resolution scaling in GBs the only thing that needs to be included at a different resolution are the image files Everything else stays the same. If you were handling scaling manually then you would need to include other files like the matching sprite sheet data file at different resolutions.
  • @Lavon Okey, i have never used sprite sheets so i can use the data for one and have several different image files? Is there a tutorial on this somewhere?

  • @Isak yes here is a tutorial on importing sprite sheets from Texture Packer. Its very simple. You need to prepare all your images that will go in the sprite sheet ahead of time at all the resolutions you want to support. If you are supporting up to 3x then you will need a base resolution, 1.5x, 2x, and 3x assets. Separate them into different folders with the same exact name. Create a sprite sheet for each different resolution inside of Texture packer and make sure to sort by name so the order in the sprite sheet stays the same. To get access to sort by name you will need to use the Basic sorting algorithm in Texture Packer. 

    Once you have all the sprite sheets identically laid out at all the various resolutions you only need to import the base resolution (1x) sprite sheet which requires two files, the JSON Array data file and the image file. Just click on the sprite sheet's image asset in the assets panel and upload the additional scaled up sprite sheet image resolutions that you created. This only works as long as the images are laid out in the same order across all resolutions. Thats all you have to do to make it support multiple resolutions. (This is assuming that you have already turned on Multi-resolution scaling in the publish settings window. There is a tutorial for that here)

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