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How can I develop one game for all iOS devices (Multi-Resolution)?
  • There are a number of ways to accomplish this. The various techniques are covered here. I am not sure what your background is so I'm just going to give you a brief explanation of how this could be done manually via code.

    I would recommend a mixture of smart object placement and HD textures. You will need to write some custom code in the custom code base layer of your GameBuilder Studio project to accomplish the HD textures. For smart object placement you will want to position objects relative to the current screen size when the game is running. For example. If you want to have a ui element to always be at the top right hand corner, you will need to add a Rules Component to the entity and have it set the current position using an expression like: Game.Screen.fullScreenWidth - [ Number ]
    This will make sure that the object is always placed a certain amount of pixels from the right. You could also add Rule condition checks to see if the screen size is an iphone resolution or iPad resolution and set the position based on that.

    To use HD textures you will need to know how to write AS3 code and override the startup sequence of your project in code. Currently GBS embeds all assets into the final build but you could overwrite this by overriding the startup sequence and having all your textures/images included at the HD resolution. Then you can set the game engine wide scale factor for all textures by setting the ResourceTextureManagerG2D.scaleFactor to a factor of 2 for example. This HD texture technique will only work in GPU render mode which GameBuilder Studio defaults to now.

    If you want to export to multiple device profiles from one GBs project you will need to upgrade to a PRO license. This will allow you to have one publish profile for iPhone, then one for iPad, etc with different settings for each target device.

    This is a very complex workflow to accomplish and the workflow hasn't been fully integrated into the editor yet. If you fully understand these topics and can write code then great, otherwise you will need to wait for all of this to be integrated into the editor. By purchasing a license you help to support us and continue development for features like this.