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What's New In v0.4?
  • This is the LARGEST update to date! You can download the latest version of GameBuilder Studio from the new beta area dashboard. The main improvements are the one click play testing, game logic components, trigger-able actions, dynamic expressions, and a physics engine with collision detection.

    One Click Play Testing


    You can build your game and click the play button to see the results. Instant iterative game development. With the sample game that comes with the editor, open it up and use the arrow keys on your keyboard and hit the space bar to shoot fireballs.

    Game Logic Components


    There are a number of new game logic components available that allow you to add things like custom game logic, user interaction, and collision detection.

    Trigger-able Actions


    Actions are little commands that are triggered when something happens in your game. You can wire up actions to be triggered when a user clicks a game object or when some property in your game changes.

    Collision Detection


    This is a really exciting feature for GBS because you can now define custom collision shapes that send collision events when it interacts with other collidable entities in your game. This will be put to better use in the next update when you can create basic 2D games and add things like gravity and physics joints. Isometric levels don't take advantage of those physics engine capabilities.


    Dynamic expressions are a very powerful feature because you can create expressions that calculate results based on properties in your game or use a simple math function to create a certain type of motion. The "Self" keyword allows you to reference any property on components within an entity.

    Detail Change Log

        - GBS Licensing
        - One Click Play Testing
        - Multiple Game Types (Partially Complete)
        - Added Game Logic Components
            - InputMap Component
            - StateMachine Component
            - State Logic Component
            - Rules Component
            - Dynamic Storage Component
            - Isometric Input Controller Component
        - Integrated Physics Engine
        - Added Physics Collision Shape Editor
        - Added Collision Detection
        - Object Types (Object Tagging, Used In Collision Detection)
        - Trigger-able Actions
        - State Machine States w/ Transitions
        - ViewPort Mask Toggle
        - At least One Spatial Component Is Now Required On Entities
        - Quick Image Swapping From Renderer Properties
        - Game Build Progress Indicator
        - Created PluginSDK (Will Be Rolled Out To Developers In Coming Weeks)

    Most Notable Bug Fixes:
        - Fixed SWF Asset From Disappearing When Used Multiple Times
        - Fixed Flicker When Creating Entities
        - Fixed Asset Thumbs When Dragging To Scene View
        - Fixed Show Geometry Toggle