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problem when installing in my laptop
  • no way to instal GBS pro in my laptop , the version stay free and ask me to upgrade, but after downloading and instla gbs don't ask me to enter licence key
    this problem appear only in my laptop (windows7 64bit, I5, 8GB) i dont have problem with my computer and macbook.

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  • @ADEB do you have a screen shot of the error?
  • no error in screen shot , I uninstall and reinstall GBS, how can i enter my licence code
  • @ADEB If you want to clear your current license key on windows you need to delete the app data storage file in the application storage location. Located at:

    C:\Users\[CURRENTUSER]\AppData\Roaming\GameBuilderStudio\Local Store\#SharedObjects\GameBuilderStudio.swf\AppInstall.sol
  • ok thank y work fine

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