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NEW Build v0.9.8 (Build 699/700)
  • This update is a minor patch with a few fixes. Details below...

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    Release Notes v0.9.8 (Build 699/700)


    • Improved Plugin loading and parsing. 
    • Code Signed our installation files to prevent "Unknown Publisher" and anti-virus warnings during installation.
    • Added Launch Settings to publish window to launch in "Player", "In Browser", or "In Browser" with to a custom url. (A default browser needs to be specified on the system for this to work)

    Most Notable Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed SWF assets rendering.
    • Fixed SWF multi-resolution runtime scaling
    • Fixed Text renderer multi-resolution runtime scaling and input field toggling.
    • Fixed GPU Texture runtime caching.
    • Fixed ATF Texture loading via a-synchronous process. Now the LEVEL LOADED event waits for textures to finish uploading before being triggered.
    • Fixed Spine renderer throwing null error when changing levels on animation complete trigger.
    • Fixed Local Storage action saving and loading values from a List Data component.