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NEW v0.9.9 Build 712 (Release Candidate)
  • This is the release candidate for the next release of GameBuilder Studio. The rendering engine, compiler, and actions engine have been upgraded and/or refactored. x86 Android device support has also been added and we need your help to test it if you have an Android device that has a x86 CPU architecture (like a Samsung Galaxy Tab). All native device plugins (Admob, InAppPurchase, & Chartboost) have been upgraded with x86 device support. The high performance Pathfinding plugin (mentioned here) has also been included with this release. It is free for all users. Checkout the release notes below to get the details on what has changed.

    This early release candidate is only available to PRO users at this time.

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    Release Notes v0.9.9 (Build 712)


    • Upgraded To Adobe AIR 18.0
    • Upgraded Rendering engine to Starling v1.7 
    • Released PathFinder plugin.
    • Added x86 Android device support. Re-download android based plugins to publish to x86 based devices.
    • Added Launch screen size settings to publish settings window to simulate a target device size. (Toggle Landscape or Portrait)
    • Added "Run In Background" setting to Android and IOS settings to change how your app runs on devices when sent to the background.
    • Added Recent Projects list to application menu.
    • Re-arranged text renderer properties and disabled display of font sheet selection when text type is changed to "Input".
    • Re-factored how ITriggerComponents call "Continuos (Every Tick)" actions. This is needed for nested continuos actions to be triggered by the engine's process manager.
    • Code Signed our installation files now to prevent security warnings.

    Most Notable Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed Object type selection in Basic Spatial properties panel.
    • Fixed Null error when trying to add multi-resolution images at different scales in assets panel before saving a new project.
    • Fixed Text renderer input alignment when using multi-resolution scaling.

    Other Features Coming In The Completed Release:

    • Facebook Plugin
    • Push Notification Plugin
    • Tile Map Renderer
    • Renderer Masking
    • Video Renderer
    • Persistent Entities
    • External Bundles & Asset Embedding
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  • Hi Lavon

    please don't forget OBB expansion support is very needed for create android game over +50mb
  • Hi Lavon

      as mentioned previously please do not forget about the ability to exit / close the game for Android  instead of it running in the background. If this has been added, please point me in the direction of how to set this up because I have just updated and installed this build but could not see a way of doing this 


  • @ADEB yes that is apart of the External Bundles support that will be added.

    @TimCS yes there is now a "Run In Background" checkbox in the platform settings in the publish window. Uncheck that box if you want your app to exit when sent to the background.
  • @Lavon

       Okay so is it  when a user backs  of the game (using the back button) or is it when then press the home button on Android ?

      In a future release could it be possible to be able to add an exit /quit button ?


  • @TimCS I don't believe there is any app with an exit button. Maybe a logout button but not a quit the app button. The user just hits the home key or opens the multi-tasking mode and switches to another app. At that point your app will exit when it gets background if "Run In Background" is unchecked.
  • @Lavon

      I have come across Android Apps with an exit button but also they can press the back button on Android to exit the app not just the home button. 

     Currently when I have made a basic game through GBS I cannot use the back button to come out of it I have to press the home button. I know for a fact that a high percentage of Android apps work with the back button. Can you please at least make the Android back button work with GBS ?


  • @TimCS ahh ok we will add an exit action which you can trigger when the back button is pressed.
  • @Lavon

      Thanks for that!

  • How is the game center add-on coming along?
  • @N8epicspec we just need to make it available at this point. It is a bit sparse because we need more content, are you interested in listing something?
  • Hopefully soon. My first game is kinda focused on competitiveness so I wouldn't want to release it without it.
  • can we use arrays or something like tables in gamesalad into gamebuilder studio?
  • @behdad we thought about adding something similar to tables in GameSalad but it would be more like a spreadsheet component. However if you need an array in GBs use a List Data component.
  • I have just logged into my dashboard and got this notification :

    However there is no sign of it in the download area, the latest I have is 0.9.9-Build-712-PRO

    Thought I best mention this if this just in case there is a problem within the dashboard


  • Hi Lavon,

    it will be nice if you can add :

    Enemy class
  • any news on when 0.9.9 will be released? There's some features i want to see before i decide if i go PRO or not.
  • One more thing. What does "External Bundles & Asset Embedding" mean in the feature list?
  • @MentalDonkeyGames A number of those features are holding up the release. Mainly Push Notifications, & External Bundles support. These may get pushed into the next release since this release is taking a while but a pre-release version of v9.9 is already available for PRO users to download. If you upgrade and don't want the PRO version anymore you can request a refund within 30 days.

    External Bundle support is the ability to package the assets of your game into separate downloadable bundles that are not apart of the main app install bundle. This reduces initial app download size
  • Thanks @Lavon Any ETA on the release? I'm mostly interested in the persistent entities feature. How's that going?
  • @MentalDonkeyGames v9.9 is very close to release probably within the next week. (Don't hold me to that) There are a couple challenges with persistent entities that may cause it not to make it in this next release. What are you trying to accomplish with the persistent entity feature? Maybe I can help you figure out a different approach.
  • Thanks again @Lavon If i've understood the persistent entities right, i'm hoping for a much smoother workflow in GBS. Not really much you can help with that :)
  • @MentalDonkeyGames a much smoother workflow when doing what in particular?
  • Doesn't persistent entities mean that you only need to create an entity once, and then you can drag&drop that to any level at any time you need? And when i need to make changes to that entity, all i need to do is edit the original entity and ithe changes apply to all entities of that type in every level? We could basically have a "libruary" of created entities that we can use to drag&drop entities to the scene, or edit just the entity in the libruary and it would affect all instances of that entity. Am i understanding this right?
  • @MentalDonkeyGames no persistent entities in this context mean entities that are not cleared when switching levels. Whenever you change a level everything gets destroyed and the new level is loaded and all objects newly created. With a persistent entity you will mark an entity as persistent and it will not be unloaded when switching levels. It will maintain its state and all information across levels. 

    What you are describing is essentially cloned objects. You can currently create one entity and clone it (make duplicates) across levels and any change you make to the source entity will automatically apply to the cloned versions. With the exception to the entities' default Spatial component which controls the entities' position. This is already in place. Just copy an object, switch levels, and use "Past Clone" from the Scene menu at the top. You can always jump back to the source object by clicking the little green icon above the cloned object.

    There is an idea I am considering pertaining to making entities a little bit more portable and exportable. So they can be stored almost like prefabs or used in other GameBuilder projects or shared. So you could build up some subset of logic in an entity and export that entity or build a library of modular entities that hold certain logic and re-use those entities in different projects or share them on our marketplace.
  • Thanks for clarifying @Lavon I did understand it a bit wrong.

    I´m aware of the cloning feature in GBS, and that´s a really useful one. I did not know that the parent actors rules carry on to other levels. Thanks for that info.

    I just hope there would be a way to create entities so that you don´t need to have a copy of one laying around somewhere in the level.

    GBS is an awesome tool, but there are some things that i´d like to see added / improved. I have a few suggestions and ideas on what would make working with GBS more smooth. I´ll start another thread about those when i have them all listed up.
  • @MentalDonkeyGames yes please share your ideas. They may make it into a later version of GBs depending on whats feasible.
  • I downloaded the free version but when I enter the license key I get this error:
    ERROR - License Error - [ID] = 107 | [Message] = License Is Installed On To Many Systems!

    any help?
  • I think you are allowed to have two installs per key. Lavon can reset the counter, he did it for my pro version after I got a new pc and laptop. Since you are using the free version - maybe you have another e-mail-address to register again? Lavon seems to be very occupied these days.
  • @Sefardi Send in a support ticket and your license key can be cleared. You can install GBs on only two OS at a time. Mac/Win

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