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What's New In v0.4.5?
  • This is an exciting update because you now can create basic 2D games in GameBuilder Studio. There is a video demo that will help you make a game with GBS in less than 45 minutes. Watch it to help you get started building your first game with GBS.

    SpriteSheet Animation Editor


    You can now import spritesheets from TexturePacker a great spritesheet layout tool. You have to export the spritesheet using the JSON data format. Import that JSON data file into GBS and it will automatically load the spritesheet. You can then double click on the asset to open the asset editor to define animations.

    Improved Scene Object Selection


    Selection and interaction with scene objects is alot more intuitive now. You can multi-select, scale, rotate, and hit the "DELETE" key with objects selected and it will delete the object.

    Improved Layer Panel


    You can sort layers now by dragging and dropping, also lock layers to prevent them from being selected by accident.

    Release Notes v0.4.5

        - Added the ability to create basic 2D games (App comes with a sample space invaders style game)
            - Added a number of new renderers SWF Renderer, Scrolling Sprite Renderer, Parallax Renderer, etc... 
        - Added support for creating different level types within the same game
        - Made Scene Object Selection More Intuitive (Easier Now)
        - Added sorting of objects by dragging object layers
        - Added locking of object layers (helps with scene selection)
        - Added a SpriteSheet Animation Editor
        - Added loading of Texture Packer JSON sprite sheet data files.
        - Made It Easier To Create Objects (Just Drag Asset to Scene or Use Quick Object Icons)
        - Added De-selecting of "Quick Object" once used (Hold Ctrl or Shift to place multiple instances)
        - Added log messages to app status bar
        - Created a number of new default actions (PlaySound, Change Property, Constrain Property, Change Level, etc...)
        - Added delete current level to app main window menu under Game-> Levels-> Delete-> Current Level
    Most Notable Bug Fixes:
        - Fixed MouseEvent Condition Data On Rules Component
        - Fixed Property Checking Condition On Rules Component
        - Added prompt during installation if system folder is missing
        - Fixed persistent selection when switching between levels
        - Collision shape settings preserved when re-drawing shapes
        - Fixed PBE project exporter to work when imported into FlashBuilder
        - Fixed launching of current level when you hit play to test a level
        - Removed the zoom and move tools
        - Fixed forwards compatibility of project created with previous app versions
        - Fixed installation issue if you have your os installed on a drive other than C: