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What's New In v0.6?
  • GameBuilder Studio version 0.6 has arrived! There are a lot of changes that went into this update but most importantly you can finally put together a fully working game. This could possibly be considered our minimal viable product. There is so much more we want to and will be adding to GBS this year to smooth out the workflow but you have everything you need to create a game and publish it to a target platform. You can publish online via flash, to iOS devices, and Android devices.

    Cross Platform Publishing (PRO Only)


    You now have the ability to publish your final game to a target platform either online or to a device. Blackberry 10, Kindle Fire, Facebook, GameBuilder Cloud Arcade, and Ouya console game deployment is already in the works for the beginning of 2013 as well! Publishing requires a pro license upgrade that you will be able to purchase on our site at an early supporter price in the next couple of days.

    Multiple Scene Containers


    The "New Container" button now works in GBS and you are able to add an additional scene layer in your game. This can be used for example to create a UI layer above the rest of your game play. If you have a bottom scene container with a camera tracked object in it you don't want the UI to follow the character so you create a new scene layer and put your UI objects there. Each scene object can have its own tracked object. A tracked object controls the position of the camera based on its own position. If you move a tracked object to the right the whole scene container will move to the right based on an offset. Adding a Track Entity action to any entity in a scene container will make it a tracked object.

    Cloning Your Game Objects


    This is probably one of the best and coolest features of GBS. Game objects in GBS are called entities and you put all of your game logic and artwork inside of different entities. The beauty of cloned entities is that they always refer the the source entity on a component by component basis. So if you don't want to have duplicate game logic but you want to have two game objects just be slightly different than each other you can clone the original, unlock the component on the clone that you want to change and all the other components, except the "Spatial" will remain synched to the original entity. If you unlock a component on a cloned entity you can then change its properties and delete it entirely. It will not delete the source entity component and when you make changes to the source entity the changes will not trickle down to the cloned entity. If you are a programmer it is very similar to inheritance and overriding methods of super classes. :) Really useful!

    If at any point you want to start over on a cloned entity you can just hit the "Revert To Source Entity" button and your cloned entity will be reverted back to the original.

    NEW Physics & Render Engine


    We had to overhaul the underlying physics engine and rendering engine to get consistent and fast performance across all modern platforms; Both online and on mobile devices. The new physics engine is an open-source engine called Nape and it comes with some pre-defined real world materials for you to apply to "Spatials" in your game. The rendering engine is utilizing the very fast and open-source Starling framework to render 2D assets to the GPU at runtime. We will continue to improve performance with our integration of these two frameworks as time goes by.

    NEW Plugins


    We built two very powerful plugins to showcase what's possible with GBS. Our vision is to see the community along with us build out a community Marketplace filled with high quality plugins, art packs, and sound effects so that gamebuilders can just get to "finding the fun" in their games instead of worrying about learning a specific language or the technical details of implementing some core game mechanic. We started off with a platformer plugin that allows you to create mario brothers style platformer games. We have included this one into GBS along with a simple demo project for FREE! The Player.IO plugin utilizes the service to bring multiplayer communication, data storage, and player registration functionality to your game. More information on purchasing the Player.IO plugin will follow along with more news on the launch of our Marketplace.

    There are tons of services and libraries that already exist in the community from analytics for your game to in game ads that could be leveraged to make your games even better and we will continue to bring these products to you via our marketplace. If you are interested in becoming a marketplace contributor pleaseemail us with subject: "RE: Marketplace Contributor".

    Release Notes v0.6

                    - Changed to a GPU rendering engine
                    - Changed to a faster physics engine
                    - Added Cross Platform Publishing (includes, Web, iOS and Android) [PRO]
                    - Added Quick Compiling (result may not be as accurate as full compile)
                    - Added Sprite-sheet animation editor (double click on asset icon)
                    - Added Scene Undo / Redo
                    - Added Collision shape editor with magic outlining
                    - Added Property Browser
                    - Added Expression Editor
                    - Added Drag selection of multiple scene objects
                    - Added Nudging of scene objects using the arrow keys (for precise placement)
                    - Added Cloning of game objects (use command/ctrl + D). New objects are auto selected
                    - Added Paste clone to different level (use shift + command/ctrl + V)
                    - Added Ability to copy properties to Spawned Entities (allows for variations)
                    - Added Delete level functionality to main menu (Game -> Levels -> Delete)
                    - Added Delete entity shortcut key
                    - Added Renaming of scene layers and entities (double click layer)
                    - Added Renaming of components
                    - Added Input type to Text Renderer to receive input from player
                    - Added Ability to create multiple scene containers (Used for a UI layer)
                    - Added Interpolate Action (Tweening)
                    - Added Simulate Key Input Action
                    - Created Platformer Plugin
                    - Created Player.IO Plugin (multiplayer, data storage, player registration)
                    - Added Re-sizing (Scaling) of collision shapes in scene when scaling objects with handles
                    - Added A "Change Velocity" action
                    - Improved editor scene performance
                    - Added Telemetry data to final compiled SWF to profile with Adobe Scout
                    - Changed Compiler to new and faster ASC 2.0 
                    - Changed Expression method "getEntity()" to just "Entity()"
                    - Changed Engine package com.flexgangsta.pbtriggers to com.pblabs.triggers
                Most Notable Bug Fixes:
                    - Fixed Dependency inclusion when compiling base game code
                    - Fixed Selection of stacked scene objects
                    - Fixed Scene stretching when process overlay is added to stage.
                    - Fixed Sorting layers jumping on sort
                    - Fixed Scrolling Bitmap renderer issues
                    - Fixed Preserving of isometric scene layers when the project is reloaded.
                    - Fixed Scene selection alignment when reloading panned scenes.
                    - Fixed MoveAction to continuously change the position property of an entity to move it in a direction.
                    - Fixed Duplicate name collisions when duplicating objects