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Bug with globals ?
  • Him i'm trying to create two global values. 1 called test1 and the second one called test2, i set them both to num.
    But when i then leave the globals tab and go to the properties tab and then change back to globals they have turned into Int..
    And i guess Int stands for Integer ? A whole number ?
    Num stands for number, A number which could contain decimals ?
    String is text, and bole an is True or false.

    In a change property changing a bolean, do i set it to 0=false and 1=true ?

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  • @Andreas, its not a bug because If you create a number value and you don't set it to a point value (0.0) it will be assumed that it is an integer (yes int stands for Integer). Also to set the Boolean value just type in "true" or "false". I will have this changed to a check box instead.
  • Thought i tried to do the 0.0 value… Guess i'll try again.
    Sorry for my many stupid questions =)

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