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What's New in v0.8?

  • This release finally brings undo / redo support to GameBuilder Studio :). The GameBuilder editor and compiler has also been upgraded to Adobe AIR 3.8 to support the Starling v1.4 upgrade and make way for game controller support on the Ouya console platform. There are a bunch of new bug fixes and improvements under the hood as well. For now deploying to a device is very easy using the Adobe AIR adt tool via the command line. One click mobile deployment from the editor is in the works for the next release. Sorry it did not make it into this release.

    By default now all GameBuilder Studio projects have network access disabled so that you do not have to add the project folder to the global flash trusted settings. You will no longer see a blank white screen when launching games from the editor. If you build a game that requires network access you will need to add the project folder using this walkthrough.

    We have suspended development of Blackberry support for now in light of the recent news about the company that makes it.

    Undo / Redo Support


    Undo redo has been added across the application so you can now try changes and revert back step by step.

    Upgraded to Starling v1.4


    We have upgraded our underlying GPU renderer known as Starling to the latest release v1.4 which comes with 50% less memory consumption and a 10% performance increase, which is every important for mobile. You can also now use larger textures for devices like the iPad 3 with retina display. We have also upgraded to Adobe AIR version 3.8 which will make way for game controller support for platforms like the OUYA console and even a PS3 controller.

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    Release Notes v0.8


    • Upgraded compiler to Adobe AIR v3.8
      • Larger textures (4096x4096, 16bit textures also)
      • Textures/Images don't need to be a power of two to save memory. This is still needed for repeating/scrolling images
      • Improved app look and feel on retina display macs

    • Updated the GameBuilder Engine to Starling v1.4
      • 10% Increased performance
      • 50% Less memory consumption

    • Added New update available notification and toggle to settings window
    • Added Undo / Redo across application properties panels
      • To: Change Component Name
      • To: Add Component
      • To: Remove Component
      • To: Unlock Component
      • To: Spatial & Renderer Properties Panels
      • To: Revert Entity To Source
      • To: Copy & Paste
      • To: Delete Level
      • To: Synch Cloned Entities
      • To: Change Object Name
      • To: All Renderer & Spatial Panels
      • To: Data & List Data Properties
      • To: State Logic Map Properties
      • To: Input Map Properties
      • To: Rules Properties
      • To: All Platformer Plugin Properties

    • Added Override size toggle to sprite sheet properties panels
    • Changed method on class from removeTrigger to unmapInputKeyToState
    • Added Console icon to main menu
    • Added GPU Rendering stoppage when game window is deactivated (mobile devices (ios) don't allow background gpu rendering)

    Most Notable Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed Touch input condition when using 2 or more points
    • Fixed Blank game player window on intial launch (no longer need to add flash security exceptions initially)
    • Fixed Angular velocity and linear velocity bug in isometric scenes effecting roation values while editing
    • Fixed Collision shape scaling in scene when scaling images
    • Fixed Bad collision shape creation when auto tracing scaled images
    • Fixed List Data Container to re-populate the list items on the component itself at runtime with the item[X] dynamic properties
    • Fixed Null error when removing a sprite sheet component with cache turned off
    • Fixed Changing settings of cached sprite sheets
    • Removed caching from MultiImageSpriteSheet component and cleaned up properties panel
    • Fixed Null errors when removing and adding InputMapComponent to an entity
    • Fixed Timer Action execution when nesting timers
    • Fixed Change Property type selection when viewing action properties
    • Removed Expression value comparison from the property rules conditions for performance reasons. (Use Expression conditions lightly)

    Known Issues

    • No undo/redo in Assets panel, Action properties, or Template tab
    • No undo/redo when importing external projects
    • Expression editor does not maintain cursor position when adding properties
    • Relative property references are not being used with properties referencing same entity on actions

    Whats Next?

    • Direct to device deployment (for supported platforms)
    • Ouya console platform support
    • Mac & Windows stand-alone desktop support
    • GPU accelerated isometric scenes / levels
    • Particle engine integration
    • Path finding support
    • And more...