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What's New in v0.8.1?

  • This release introduces a major piece to the GameBuilder Studio workflow. You can connect your device and deploy your game onto it without having to configure any SDKs or mess with a command line. Can't get to much easier than that!

    We have introduced a number of other great improvements in this minor release as well. The editor now supports multiple project publishing profiles which you can switch back and forth between to publish to multiple platforms from one project. This feature is a foreshadowing of what is to come with multi-platform publishing support in GameBuilder Studio :).

    The other key improvement is the support for .fnt bitmap font files. You can design custom fonts in a font sheet editor like Glyph Designer or a new free tool called Littera, to generate font sheets. 

    There are a number of crucial bug fixes in this release as well so take a look at that section of the release notes.

    Single Click Device Deployment


    All you have to do is define which target platform you want to publish to, Android, or IOS currently. Specify any certificate or provisioning profile required, and connect your device via USB. You should find it in the device list on the deploy tab in the Publishing window. If you are on a windows machine and don't see your Android device you may need to install a USB driver for the device. Here is a resource with a list of device drivers (Android Drivers). For iOS device you just need to make sure iTunes is installed. In the future we plan to improve this workflow even more with a GameBuilder over the air viewer on your device.

    Bitmap Font Sheet Support


    One way to add extra polish to your game is to use custom fonts that can have a unique font type, drop shadows, or gradients. You also want to be able to change the text at runtime of the game for a score display for example. The best way to do this without sacrificing performance in your game is to use a pre-rendered font sheet. It is pretty much a sprite sheet with all the glyphs of a font designed a head of time in a font designer tool and rendered onto one image. You export the final .fnt file and image from the font editor and import into GBS. The only characters supported are the characters on the font sheet.

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    Release Notes v0.8.1


    • Added Single click mobile device deployment

      • Added Multiple target platform profiles to publishing window. To store separate settings for each target platform.

        • Added NEW High performance expression scripting engine (2x faster)
        • Added Bitmap font file (.fnt) support to Text renderer in-editor. You can now import the BMFont file format (

          • Added Muli-Touch pan & zoom gesture support to game scene viewport (requires a touch enabled computer)
          • Added Icon gloss overlay toggle for IOS
          • Added Remove action button to Interpolate & Timer action properties window
          • Added Ability to assign state machine and listen to state changes from any entity
          • Added Global game properties to Property References. You can access the global Game object like this: #Game.Time.virtualTime
          • Added global deltaTime to globals object under Game.Time.deltaTime which can be accessed via expressions or property references
          • Added randomRange( minN, maxN ) helper method to Expressions
          • Added Splash screen to games built with free version of GameBuilder Studio.
          • Changed State Logic Map component properties from clearing all mapped actions when changing state machine
          • Improved Mobile performance by about 2x
          • Improved Property Browser re-selection of current property path when opening existing reference
          • Improved Expressions Browser to insert new property at current cursor selection & position

          Most Notable Bug Fixes:

          • Fixed Collision filtering and entity notifications based on sensor trigger toggle (Non-Dynamic entities/spatials can only receive a collision event if "is Sensor" is turned on)
          • Fixed Collision spatial properties not allowing setting of collisionTypes
          • Fixed State Logic Map component to execute persistent actions every tick
          • Fixed State Logic Map component not serializing/saving ignoreTimeScale & registerForTicks settings
          • Fixed State Logic Map component incorrectly serializing 0 integer values to a String
          • Fixed State Logic Map component duplicating actions when re-used during de-serialization process
          • Fixed Actions lists duplicating same actions in the same list
          • Fixed Moving Platform component in the platformer plugin
          • Fixed Custom mobile app icons compile error
          • Fixed Multi-Touch support on Mobile devices
          • Fixed Multi-Touch release / down condition
          • Fixed Interpolate action onComplete action trigger
          • Fixed Interpolate action easing drop down selection when re-opening action properties
          • Fixed Splash screen packaging for iOS & Android targets
          • Fixed Track entity action reuse after stopping
          • Fixed Scrolling renderer in-editor. Disabled scrolling while in editor.
          • Fixed Platformer plugin snapping to scene top when tracking player
          • Fixed Add new action on state logic component
          • Fixed Null error when setting frames on sprite sheet animation controllers
          • Fixed "Pass Value By Reference" check box populating on intial load of action properties window
          • Fixed Undoable property reference input properties with an initial null value
          • Fixed Interpolate action when enable TimeScale is turned off. Tweens can now operate when timescale is set to 0
          • Fixed TouchPoint data location in expression references. It is now Game.Touch.TouchPointX (this is an auto upgrade just open your project and re-save)
          • Fixed IgnoreTime scale setting on game components initialized after game has been paused
          • Fixed Pause/UnPause game action when using it with a system deactivate condition
          • Fixed Bug when importing multiple sprite sheet data files while sprite sheet images are pending loading
          • Fixed Null error & memory leak when force switching levels

          Known Issues

          • No undo/redo in Assets panel, Action properties, or Template tab
          • No undo/redo when importing external projects
          • No undo/redo when importing external projects
          • Blend Modes do not work correctly in final game.

          Whats Next?

          • Ouya console platform support
          • Mac & Windows stand-alone desktop support
          • GPU accelerated isometric scenes / levels
          • Particle engine integration
          • Path finding support
          • And more...