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What's New in v0.9?

  • Happy New Year GameBuilders,

    As you can see, we are starting the new year off with a new website look & feel. There is also a very easy to follow iPad game tutorial series on the GameBuilder Tv page. You will learn the ins and outs of animating objects using the Interpolate action, managing global game state using a State Machine component, and deploying the final game to your iPad device (for PRO users). The game being re-created is an open-source game project so please do not re-use the exact assets or the finished game for commercial release.

    Isometric levels are now rendered on the GPU which means increased performance especially on mobile devices. This feature is still being tested so if you are creating an isometric game please let us know your findings. Isometric rendering has also been refactored to allow for any basic 2D renderer to be overlaid on top of the isometric scene for UI purposes. So bitmap font sheet renderers, text input controls, etc can now be used in isometric levels. Isometric levels is a PRO only feature.

    If you are developing a plugin for GameBuilder Studio you can now include dependencies on Adobe AIR Native Extensions by adding an extension entry into the required PluginConfig.xml file that should be embedded in the final plugin file (swc). Here is an example:

    Plugin Descriptor Gist
    The Github Gist source can be found here

    Hungry Hero iPad Game Tutorial Series

    Hungry Hero iPad Game Tutorial Series IMAGE

    Project files for this video tutorial series can be found on github for you to follow along.

    Ouya Console Support Added

    Ouya Console Support Added IMAGE

    If you have ever wanted to create a console game for the tv, now you can with the new Ouya console platform support. To connect to the Ouya device there are two options. Setup the drivers on your machine to have it recognized when you plug it into your computer via the USB or turn on ADB wifi network in the console settings and connect to the console's IP address from GameBuilder Studio. The later is the easiest option. You can find the driver setup tutorials on youtube. (Mac Driver Setup & Windows Driver Setup)

    The Ouya plugin with in-app purchases and data storage will be released very soon.

    Game Controller Input

    Game Controller Input IMAGE

    What would the Ouya console support be without game controller input. Listen for activation of new controllers being connected and disconnected and respond to button inputs on up to 4 connected controllers. Also access the angle of rotation on left and right joysticks for the Ouya, PS3, PS4, & Xbox 360 controllers. Controller input does have some limitations. Some controllers do not work on certain operating systems. Once you get the controller recognized by your computer you should be good to go. There is an example project included with GBs which you can use to test a connected controller. Below you can find a supported OS list. Let us know what your findings are as you utilize this feature and please report bugs on the forums or email directly.

    • Ouya Controller [ Ouya Console ]
    • PS3 Controller [ Mac | Ouya ]
    • PS4 Controller [ Windows ]
    • Xbox 360 Controller [ Mac | Windows | Ouya ]

    Scene Grid Snapping

    Scene Grid Snapping IMAGE

    Grid snapping is a small addition but it makes laying out tile or grid based games a lot easier. There is a new toggle on the right vertical tool bar to turn it on and off and there is a grid cell size setting in the settings window under the "Defaults" tab. As you drag objects around the scene you will also notice subtle guide lines that indicate when edges have aligned with other objects.

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    Release Notes v0.9


    • Added Hungry Hero iPad Game Demo & Tutorial Series (Video)

      • Added Ouya Platform Deployment Support (PRO)
      • Added Ouya Plugin (In App Purchases & Device Storage)
      • Added Game Pad Support (Ouya / PS3 / Xbox 360 Controllers)
      • Added GPU Isometric scene rendering (PRO)
      • Added Native Extensions support to plugins descriptor file (per platform)
      • Added Initial scene "Snap-To-Grid" implementation when moving objects
      • Added Cursor indicator when mouse is over a selectable scene object
      • Added Native Extension (ANEs) support to plugin descriptor for editor plugins
      • Added Default stage background color setting to project settings tab
      • Moved Project settings to publish window and added per profile project settings for things like GPU rendering modes per target platform
      • Refactored Isometric scene rendering to allow regular 2D renderers to be rendered on top of isometric scenes for ui purposes
      • Removed Background and Foreground default layers from Isometric scenes
      • Removed addSprite() method from IsoSpriteComponent engine class. Use sprite property instead

      Most Notable Bug Fixes:

      • Fixed Parallax rendering in traditional 2D rendered scenes
      • Fixed Null error when creating a new scene layer in a new scene container.
      • Fixed Null error when replacing isometric spatials on an entity
      • Fixed Assignment of controlling spatial in isometric renderer properties
      • Fixed Isometric pointOccupied() and coordinate system transformation methods for all isometric scenes, renderers, and spatials
      • Fixed Isometric scene entity tracking
      • Fixed Isometric Character quick object
      • Fixed Isometric scene layer ordering on creation and layer dragging
      • Fixed Null error when dragging swf assets onto isometric scenes
      • Fixed Forwards compatibility of LogicMap serialization / de-serialization changes.
      • Fixed Forwards compatibility of Isometric renderers using a Resource Loader. Resource Loaders are deprecated.
      • Fixed Undo/Redo of Isometric renderer image
      • Fixed Rendering of SWF sprite sheets
      • Fixed Setting of Isometric Sprite Sheet registration point
      • Fixed Game & Global property entries in Property Browser
      • Fixed Property Browser & Expression Editor display incorrect object paths when both windows are open
      • Fixed Caching of Texture Packer frame data
      • Fixed Sprite sheet divider bug when building sprite sheet frames before a divider has fully loaded

      Known Issues

      • No undo/redo in Assets panel, Action properties, or Template tab
      • No undo/redo when importing external projects
      • No undo/redo when importing external projects
      • Blend Modes do not work correctly in final game.

      Whats Next?

      • Ouya IAP & Storage Plugin
      • Mac & Windows stand-alone desktop support
      • Particle engine integration
      • Isometric Grid Component & Path finding support
      • Game Center & iAds Plugins
      • Facebook Plugin Integration