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What's New in v0.9.1?

  • Support for Windows 8.1 has been added for the GameBuilder Studio editor. Now you can publish your games as standalone desktop apps for both Windows (.EXE) and Macs (.DMG). There is also a really great feature for auto reloading of assets when they have been changed on the file system.

    Desktop Publishing Support

    Desktop Publishing Support IMAGE

    A standalone version of your games can now be exported from GameBuilder Studio. Publishing needs to happen on the host desktop OS that you are targeting. To create a mac install file you will need to run GBs on a mac to generate the final build. You are allowed to install GBs on one Mac and one Windows machine.

    Live Asset Reloading

    Live Asset Reloading IMAGE

    This is a really great feature. Live asset reloading is such a time saver if you have ever just wanted to make a small tweak or rearrange sprites in your sprite sheets without having to delete assets, reimport them, and then reconfigure whatever game logic you have already put together. This is the first iteration of the feature so please test it out if you have a PRO license and report any issues. Watch it in action!

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    Release Notes v0.9.1


    • Added Windows 8.1 desktop support.

      • Added File (Resource) watching to imported assets. (PRO Only)
      • Added Desktop Publishing target. Native Windows, Mac, & both via an Adobe AIR install file. (PRO Only)
      • Refactored Starling (GPU) based game views to use the current Starling instance if already created.
      • Added a BaseScreenG2D class for Starling based UI screens. Can be used with the ScreensManager in the underlying GameBuilder Engine.
      • Upgraded Compiler to Adobe AIR 4.0 for latest iOS 7 support.

      Most Notable Bug Fixes:

      • Fixed Reloading of Font Sheet assets.
      • Fixed Selection of Fonts in Text Renderer properties panel.
      • Fixed Null error when loading projects with no assets.
      • Fixed Missing Font Sheet support in Isometric scenes.
      • Fixed Incorrect Globals object syntax in expressions and property references.
      • Fixed NaN value error in Apply Impulse action properties window.
      • Fixed Case sensitive file error when publishing games without icons specified.

      Known Issues

      • No undo/redo in Assets panel, Action properties, or Template tab
      • No undo/redo when importing external projects
      • No undo/redo when importing external projects
      • Blend Modes do not work correctly in final game.
      • Project files do not open when editor is closed and file is double click on the file system
      • You can not delete scene containers

      Whats Next?

      • Game Center & iAds Plugins
      • Particle engine integration
      • Isometric Grid Component & Path finding support
      • Facebook Plugin Integration