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What's New in v0.9.2?

  • This update is more of a stability release. There was a major bug on the new Mac OS 10.9.1 (Mavericks) release that was causing poor performance and this has been fixed. Among a number of other issues. Review the release notes for the details.

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    Release Notes v0.9.2


    • Upgraded Physics Engine to Nape 2.0.13 (More Stable)
    • Tied physics debug layer display toggle to final output when play testing games in-editor.
    • Improved IsometricSceneViewG2D to use the current Starling instance if available.
    • Added Delete shape(s) button to collision shape editor.

    Most Notable Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed Unresponsive loading on Mac OS 10.9.1.
    • Fixed Opening (.gbx) of double clicked project files when GBs is closed.
    • Fixed Scrolling Renderer component in-editor when changing size.
    • Fixed TextInput Renderer touch recognition when used in a tracked scene container.
    • Fixed Breaking of physics simulation when paused.
    • Fixed NaN number error when accessing Game.Mouse.x values initially. Defaulted the values to 0.
    • Fixed Collision notifications when sensor flag is checked. Sensors just ignore physical collisions but do receive collision events.
    • Fixed Text Renderer showing stale font assets in font sheet list.
    • Fixed Setting of correct image size when changing controlling spatial in renderer properties.
    • Fixed Applying of LayerIndex (render order) when a renderer is added to an entity without any renderers.
    • Fixed Closing of parent action properties window when clicking the save button on a nested action.
    • Fixed Relabeling of actions when saved with the original action name. Actions are no longer automatically renamed.
    • Fixed Unnecessary refresh of property list on Data Containers when changing property value types.
    • Fixed Performance when play testing games with debug layer toggled on. Reduced amount of instances created to 1.
    • Fixed Asset deletion of linked assets like the Font Sheet and Font Sheet Image
    • Fixed Font Sheet and Sprite Sheet asset removal and reloading.
    • Fixed Null error when clearing current font sheet.

    Known Issues

    • No undo/redo in Assets panel, Action properties, or Template tab
    • No undo/redo when importing external projects
    • No undo/redo when importing external projects
    • Blend Modes do not work correctly in final game.
    • You can not delete scene containers

    Whats Next?

    • Game Center & iAds Plugins
    • Particle engine integration
    • Isometric Grid Component & Path finding support
    • Facebook Plugin Integration

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  • Awesome..
    Remove this one :Project files do not open when editor is closed and file is double click on the file system from known issues..

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