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Art Pack Submission
  • Art packs are complete illustrations or a collection of artwork that allows an end-user to create a certain style or genre of game. You don't want to provide just a random image of a dog or an alien without scenery and / or background elements for the end-user to put together a fully working game level. So in doing so there are a number of preparations to your artwork that need to be done.

    1. Animated Artwork


    There will be a number of animation import plugins integrated into GBS in the future. Currently the easiest way to import animations into GBS is via a spritesheet. The easiest way to import spritesheets into GBS is via Texture Packer. Read more about creating Texture Packer files.

    Texture Packer Files


    For each animated character or element in your art pack you should provide a .tps Texture Packer file, the exported JSON-Array file, and the spritesheet image itself in .png format. All frames of the animation should be already broken out into individual frames for the end-user as well.


    2. Original Artwork

    All original artwork should be in vector format either via an SVG or an illustrator file. This allows for the end-user to alter the artwork at various resolutions.

    3. Sample Arrangements

    If you are the original artist behind the art pack you should have envisioned various use cases for the art pack and you should illustrate this by display a sample screenshot or scene layout with the elements of your art pack already arranged. This allows the end-user to see what your intentions for the art were.